The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra

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39 minutes • Color

In "The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra", producer and director Robin Lehman focuses on the unique qualities of each instrument and the individuals behind it, from the instrument-maker who created it to the musician who skillfully channels its sound. Narration by conductor Andrew Davis and interviews with acclaimed musicians such as Yo-Yo Ma provide insight and flavor to describe the instruments and their role in the sound of each orchestra. The in-depth approach not only reflects Lehman's award-winning filmmaking, but also his 10 years of study in Paris with Nadia Boulanger on musical composition.

Lehman and Davis conclude "The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra" with a rendition of Benjamin Britten's monumental work of the same title, exemplifying the beauty and magnificent nature of the orchestra in its finest and most glorious moment — performing in concert.

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Grade Levels: 4 to Adult