Chami and Ana the Elephant View "Lords of the Animals " Series Detail

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Chami and Ana the Elephant
26 minutes • Color

Chami and Ana have been sharing their lives for 40 years.  They have reached a point where they understand each other’s glances and moods.  We follow this odd couple through the beautiful scenery of the Malabar Coast as they go to the annual elephant festival, where hundreds of elephants are presented by their Mahuts.  During their journey, we discover the mysterious life of elephants: a yearly madness that affects them called musth, mating and bathing.  Here is an unusual love story between a man and the wisest animal on earth.

Part of the "Lord of the Animals" series, which presents amazing stories of human and animal coexistence from around the world. Discover the warm and trusting relationships and the ancient traditions, passed down through generations, that have permanently linked humans to animals of nearly every description.

Written and Directed by: Vijay Singh
Produced by: Frédéric Fougea
A Boréales Production • Release Year: 1989

Grade Levels: 7 to Adult