Carole Harder's "The Winner's Seminar" Series

Carole Harder's "The Winner's Seminar" Series

Carole Harder believes that young people are our greatest natural resource. She has dedicated her life to helping youth believe in themselves, be responsible, and know that they can make a difference. By helping young people recognize their own individual talents and abilities, Carole encourages them to develop ways to achieve their own unique potential. With this attitude, Carole piloted one of the first drug abuse prevention programs in the country. "The Winner’s Seminar," a series of six videos, is designed to help viewers recognize the strong relationship between one’s attitude and one’s results in life. The series provides young people with valuable information on developing and sustaining an attitude toward life that results in happiness. Young people will become aware of practical methods that will help build and reinforce those qualities that help them actualize their talents and abilities. Application of these concepts has been tremendously successful for USA Olympic, college, and high school athletes. Through the guidance and advice of Carole Harder, "The Winner’s Seminar" will improve personal skills in the following areas: • developing a positive attitude • listening to others • gaining self-esteem • making friends • dreaming • goal setting • visualization / affirmation • decision making • coping with problems • discipline • responsibility • living a well-balanced life

Grade Levels: 6 to 12

Titles in this Series:

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Positive Attitudeview this item
Self-Discipline and Visualizationview this item
Self-Esteemview this item
To Be Happyview this item